Friday, 8 February 2013

Shake it up baby

As you all know last week super cool blogger Betti came down to stay with me and my sister. I must say the two days went by far too fast for my liking. Time flies when your having fun eh? On the first day we went to Birmingham and got a well deserved breakfast and shopped till we dropped. Unfortunately I had to leave early to go to work! :( boo , but I did manage to buy 4 funky shirts, 2 scarves and 2 coats. All which came to less than £50. Not bad eh? 

The following day we did even more shopping. This time we went to our local town and went to a few charity and vintage shops where I bought even more crazy shirts and two wonderful dresses. This was a more chilled out shopping trip so to make the day more exciting we spontaneously decided to all get tattoos. Here they are!!!

 After a long two hours getting tatted up we set back and had a big fat dominos pizza. Not long after we had to set out again to get Betti back on the bus home :( We had a very fun 2 days and are definitely going to do it again soon! Next plan is to go up to Cardiff and go to the £1 jumble sale, now that's going to be fun ;)


Two door cinema concert was amazing , we missed the two support bands unfortunately but that did not stop us from getting to the front! Somehow me and my sis always end up getting on the front row! :D The band was full of energy and really connected with the crowd, definitely going to see them again! I apologize for the lack of pictures but we were too busy jumping around like freaks.  

I am wearing...


Yet again :P 

I'll be sure to do an outfit post soon of me wearing something other than Newlook!

Until next time... 


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