Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Shes Back

Hey therrreeeee

This week is a very fun week for me. My amazingggg cousin Georgina is staying with me for the week! Words cannot explain how much I love this girl , we are too similar it is unreal. Why does she live so far away? :( Tomorrow we are going on a spree down Birmingham - which was meant to happen today but Georgina decided half way that she was too cold and insisted she went back to get changed :P So instead we spent our day taking my nieces to see Wreck it Ralph! It is a must see film , I think I was more into it than my nieces :P 

Right then here is my outfit for the day! I have gone against my word and yet again , yes , I am wearing Newlook... Sorry :( Maybe next time ? 

In other news my cousin has finally started a blog!!! After months of me and my sister nagging she has finally done it :P Check out her blog here! She is awesome. 

I'm planning on taking lotttsss of pictures tommorow, so expect a blog soon on the top vintage spots in Bham! 


Sophie <3 


  1. loving your blog my love.
    Have a lot of love for my cheeky mention too.

    Drop in on my blog whenever you can.
    love love

  2. thanks cuz! And I'll be sure to do that! :D loves <3


Thanx for the comment dear!