Friday, 15 February 2013

Vintage Friends

Me, my sister and friend had these pictures done ages ago!!! I completely forgot about them and came across them the other day. We went to our local park and took teddy bears and picnic baskets! We did get a few funny looks walking through the park holding teddy bears , I said I was going to start doing that everyday so I became known as the crazy teddy lady. 

Photography done by AJ North Photography 

Hope you like the photos! 

Till next time ...

Sophie <3 


  1. Sophie, why have these pictures not seen the light of day before now?! You all look incredible! The one with the gangsta pointing is my personal fave. Have your parents chilled out about the tattoo yet? I'm wanting more already...uhohh...

    1. Oh, and I gave you the Liebster award btw - see here for what you have to do :)

    2. aha , i apologise , I completely forgot about them! Yeah the gangster pointing one kind of defeats the object of a vintage shoot... :P and yeah the tattoo drama has died down a little thankgod , i know they still hate it though, ah well! and oh dearrr , i'm the same, almost had one this week , but I fought the temptation! I cant have another one allready , next time you come down maybe? aha :P and thanx so much about the Liebster award, I shall be sure to do it pretty soon! :D xxxxx

  2. love these shots they are so good :)


Thanx for the comment dear!