Saturday, 28 April 2012

Pink Rose

Hey guys!!!!  Hope your all okay :D Just thought I'd show you my outfit for today :) Unfortunately the photos had to be taken indoors due to crappy England Weather. So this is the best I could do! But I did promise you that I would do a post soon , even if it did mean taking photos indoors :P

  I am wearing...
   Dress - TK Maxx
   Necklace - Topshop
   Boots - H&M
Hat - clothes show

Nothing much is going on with me really , I'm just trying to get all my school work done! I've got 4 exams left to do and a few pieces of coursework. I'm getting there! Can't believe I'm actually leaving school , it's quite scary, but exciting at the same time :D I'm hoping to study fashion at College. I really need to apply somewhere though! I don't know what's wrong with me... I shall get it done by next week I tell you! 

Till next time...

Sophie x

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bit of Bowling!

First of all I thought I should apologise for being such a terrible blogger! I haven't done a post since over a week ago! This isn't right, I blame it on school work and the weather. Its been raining like everyday here in Walsall! Not giving me the opportunity to take any photos of my outfits - I refuse to take images of them indoors, there simply isn't anywhere in my house that is pretty enough.

Soooo... I thought I would show you my night out bowling for my friends birthday! :D 

I am wearing...

Playsuit - Primark
Tights - Primark
Shoes - Bowling shoes!


We had a really fun night! I didn't win though , as per usual :P I did do a strike though which I was well chuffed about! Aha. The play suit is one of my most recent purchases , I bought a few items from Primark about 2 weeks ago which I STILL haven't shown you! I promise I will show you all my new items soon! I've had another spree since that one too! :P Hopefully the weather gets better so I can get some nice pics of them outside! If not, looks like I'll have to settle for the crappy indoors :(  By the way don't you think bowling shoes are just amazing!? That's one of the things I love about bowling , the shoes! Aha , I would so wear them everyday :P 

Hope you're all okay!


Sophie <3 

Saturday, 14 April 2012

We're gonna go... Shopping!!!

Today me and my sis went to town, the plan was to go to Gadsby's to get some craft shizzle for my photography book and to get my niece some presents for her birthday, that didn't go to plan... As always our love for clothes took over our minds and made us buy more pretty items!!! It is impossible for us to go into town and stay clear of clothes shops - it just can't be done. We bought 4 items which came to £52, but as we are in shares it was only £26!!! That's a bargain for 2 dresses , a play-suit and a skirt if you ask me! I will have to do another post and show you them , but for now, here's what I wore today :D 

I am wearing...

        Dress - Vintage - £4!
        Jacket - Forever 21
        Bag - Primark
        Tights - Primark
        Shoes - Gift
        Owl ring - Portugal

Look what we found!!! We were casually walking down the street , having a natter, and then we see this, we both gasped, pointed and ran over to the van, aha, I know that may seem like a slight exaggeration but around here you never see camper vans!!! I must get one when I'm older! If I can't have one I'm at least having one for my wedding. I love them so much <3

Hope your all enjoying your weekend :D

Till next time...

Sophie x

Friday, 13 April 2012

The Modern Dorothy...

Right it's about time I show you my photography final piece! I decided to create a video out of lots of different pics - creating movement. Me and my sister actually made the outfit ourselves, not too bad for a first try eh?! :P Hope you enjoy the video! :D

Thursday, 12 April 2012

I wanna make you happy!

The other day me and my sister had another shoot , it was a really fun day at as per usual! :D The sun was shining and we were there posing for pictures , you cant get better than that can you really? If your wondering why I chose the title to be 'I wanna make you happy' its because on the day I felt , well , really happy! :P Aha , I was dressed in a floaty white dress , no shoes , and just spinning and jumping in the field , I looked like a right hippy! :P It was quite funny because there was me dressed all hippy-fied, and my sister was dressed all gothic! We were messing about all day , as I was spinning I was shouting "Ahh I love life , isn't it just amazing!" Whilst my sister was saying "You shouldn't be happy , life is cruel!" :P Nehu , enough of me babbling on , here's a few pics of me from the day! :D 

I hope you like them :D 

Peace out! 

Sophie <3 

Zeee Hair!

As Some of you may know I've wanted to get a new do for a while now... I spent around a month looking through hair magazines and getting rather frustrated... I just didn't know what to get ! The only thing I did know was that I wanted to keep my hair long and there's not much you can do with that is there really? I do really like the short cuts but for one I don't know if it would suit me, for two it took me bloody ages to grow my hair! and for three my sister has just had hers short soo all I would have off her is "COPY!!!" You know that's true Tan :P 

So I decided to go for a fringe! :D Let me know what you think guys! :) 

I am wearing... 
Top - £10 - Dorothy Perkins
Skirts - Sale £5 - H&M
Tights - £2.50 - Primark 

I hope you like it! :D 


Sophie x