Monday, 28 May 2012

Photography - cut and paste

As some of you may know I'm doing photography GCSE, Cut and Paste is the them for these edits , I hope you like them! :D 

Check out my first lot of edits here! :D

Hope you're all okay :)

Till next time...

Sophie <3 


  1. These are actually really cool! My favorite is the light overlapped one with the floral crown and pink and yellow tones, so pretty! Hope you are having a wonderful day, and your blog name is so cute and clever!
    xo Hannah

  2. Loving the edits!

  3. Warrrghhh I haven't commented in ages - it's been too sunny for computers! Your photography and editing skills are immense, you're going to smash that GCSE for sure :) I especially love the girl with the angel wings, it's so cute! Your sister is a fab model too :) xx

    1. I know I keep going on your blog to see if you have done a new post! aha :P I know what you mean though the weather is gorgeous! Sadly it's gone back to its old ways though around here now :( And thanks! :D Hopefully I pass! Yeah I've got Tan to thank for all the pictures , if it wasn't for her I definitely wouldn't pass! :P Hope your okay! <3

  4. lovely pics!!


Thanx for the comment dear!