Monday, 10 June 2013

Say hello to my £4 granny dress.

 Hey guys! It feels so good to do an outfit post again... and a roody good one at that! £4!? yes, crazy deals I know. I cant believe I have never been to this shop before, I went shopping with my mom and dad for tiles , how exciting... and came across this "big shop" in Cannock. Basically its just a mahoosive charity shop that sells jewellery , clothes , furniture, books you name it they sell it. I purchased 2 dresses, 5 tops , a candle set and a pillow all for just over £20. I couldnt friggin believe it?!?!?!?! It excites me just thinking about it , I have been having some right good deals lately, good times :) 

I paired it with my handy all time go with every single item in the world necklace, my brown belt and brown brogues. My usual accessories for every outfit , I think I need to invest in some more belts and shoes tbf , I bet your sick of seeing them! I know I am. 

I am currently in the process of dyeing my hair!!!! I did want to get all my locks chopped off but sadly nobody will let me :( how sad. So I thought why not dye it instead?! 

Till next time... 

Sophie <3 


  1. Your Paris trip looked so so fun Soph! And that dress is killer, I can't believe it was only £4. It's perfect for yr kooky self :)
    Betti xxxx

    1. It was really fun! :D I was very sad that I couldn't escape to the wonderful places you told me to go to though :( and aha thanks! :D It is a beautiful bargain <3


Thanx for the comment dear!