Sunday, 27 January 2013


Hello fellow bloggers!

It feels so good to blog again! I've been a very busy bee lately but I thought it was about time I did a post :) Finally the snow and ice has gone! YAY. I can finally walk around without the fear of falling on my arse. I can also wear something other than jeans and boots :D 

I am wearing...
Shirt - Newlook
Dress - Newlook
Tights - Newlook
Shoes - Topshop

As you can see I am taking full advantage of my Newlook staff discount :P 

This week should be a fun filled week for me! Fellow blogger Betti is coming down for two days to stay with me and my sister! The plan is to do lots of vintage/charity shopping, drink lots of tea, and have lots of laughs! :) Sounds like a bloody good two days to me. Ontop of that me and my sis are going to see TheTwo Door Cinema Club in conert!!! :D Which I am buzzing about. I love this band their music is very happy and always puts me in a good mood! :) 

I'll leave you with one of their songs. Enjoy! :) 

love from Sophie <3 


  1. love this outfit, its so cute :) x

  2. MORE BLOGS NOW SOPHIE! You did promise haha, and you've got so much to write about this time :D
    Hows the tattoo feeling? Mines gone crunchy. Argggh :'(

    1. Aha , I did indeed :P I'm going to do one tommorow! :D my tat is very itchy!!! Its so annoying , its gone past the crunchy stage now but its not completely healed , cant wait till I dont have to worry about it anymore! :P Did everyone like your tat ??? xxx


Thanx for the comment dear!