Monday, 25 February 2013

Dip Dye Jeans

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

So life is back to normal now... My days consist of college and work, why cant shopping just be my job? But I suppose we all have to get on with it!

So here are the jeans and hair bow I bought the other day! I paired them with my vintage cow top , I don't believe I have shown you this yet?  I have no idea why because it is a bloody amazing top! ...Along with my fake converse which are starting to fall apart , I think that shows just how much I wear them. They have got to be the comfiest shoes I own. It will be very sad to have to say goodbye... Jewellery wise I wore my all time handy necklace my nan and grandad got me. It goes with absolutely everything, I think I'm going to keep it forever <3 

As you all know I went to The Courteeners concert the other night, was mental by the way! I shall be doing a blog post on it pretty soon hopefully! So look out for that :D 

I'm going to leave you for now , I am off to Zumba! 

Till next time...

Sophie <3 



  1. i love the little bow in your hair, it compliments the jeans well! xxx

    1. thanx Sylvie! :D I stole the bow thing from you ;) aha :P xxx

  2. those are some amazing jeans! i like the retro feel of your style, whether that was intentional or not :3

    1. thankyou :D aha , yeah i do love the retro look! xx


Thanx for the comment dear!