Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Vintage Haul!

Was meant to post this on Sunday but it took me a while to get the pictures ready , so just read it asif it was Sunday :P

Yesterday me and my sister went to the vintage fair! It was so cute! As soon as I walked down the street I felt as if I was in a different world... I was surrounded by pretty cool people, aha :P Living in Walsall it is very rare you see people dressed differently and here I was standing next to a bunch of actual mods by their scooters :P It was an amazing feeling. :)

The Vintage Fair wasn't as big as I thought it would be , there was about 8 stalls packed into this tiny room , it would have been better if it was a bigger room. I reckon if it wasn't as packed I would have found many more things! But in a way I suppose it was good I couldn't see everything otherwise I would have spent more money - and that wouldn't have helped my savings plan. :P 

Shirt - £15

I absaloutely love the detail on this shirt. Its so pretty and can
be worn with pretty much anything!

Clock Necklace - £8

Sunglasses - £5

Sorry about the shitty pictures, I will add pictures soon of me wearing the items!

As we were walking out we noticed a little tea party section! So me and my sister sat down and ate some cute cupcakes whilst sipping our cups of tea! Was a lovely way to end the vintage fair :) 

We also found a new shop! :D It was just outside the custard factory where the vintage fair was being held :)

Mod Shop!

We only bought this item from the mod shop,
 it cost us a bargain price of £6. There were many other
 things in the shop we wanted but there was a queue to try things on.
We decided to take a risk with this shirt :P  

As we were down Birmingham we visited one of our new beloved shops Cow! This time we got to have a good rummage through all the rails, there is a lot of pretty stuff in there :) 

Heres what we ended up getting :D 

Floral Dress - £8
Patch dress - £8
Hippy Jumpsuit - £8

My sister is going to wear the patch dress to a 60's party we have been invited to, but we will still wear it after anyways , it is rather out there , but that's what I like about it :P My 60's costume is the Hippy Jumpsuit , I'm not too sure if I will wear that after :P Who knows , maybe it will grow on me , my style gets crazier as the days go by... :D Aha

The images don't give the clothes justice, I really do need to get pictures of me wearing them! I'll do that on my next blog :D

Till next time!

Sophie x

New items added on ebay 


  1. can't wait to the next few outings to the vintage auction & show thingys! now, just to win the lottery before all this begins... hmmmm.

    1. I know im buzzing :D Aha yup that sounds like a plan :P

  2. it looks awesome, following your blog now, keep in touch xx

    violetheart xxoo

  3. aww thanx :D following you too :D xx

  4. I like your vintage style,and your eyes have an amazing color! x


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