Sunday, 25 March 2012

I heart Weymouth...

Last weekend had to be the best weekend of my life. I know that sounds really cheesy but it actually was ,one of them anyways aha :P It was a bloody amazing weekend! I got reunited with my amazing family who live in Weymouth, they moved down there almost 10 years ago and we have only seen them twice since then! It was a weekend filled with lots of brews , naughty food, drinking, dancing, music, laughter and beautiful scenery! Weymouth is a lovely area, I envy whoever lives there.

Day 1

We arrived in Weymouth around 1 o'clock - after the long drive sitting in-between my two nieces who kept winging at each other. Oh the joys... We spent that day buying way too much food (honestly you should have seen the trolley it was packed!), lounging around the caravan, doing sudukos whilst drinking my favourite alcoholic beverage - archers , lemonade with a dash of blackcurrant. Its an amazing drink you should try it! I suppose I should tell you that my sister Tanya invented the drink before she bites my head off. We finished the night off by having my dads amazing curry!

My nieces with the Ducks! 

My Dads amazing curry!

Day 2

Don't worry Day 2 is more interesting than Day 1 :P 

On Day 2 we had a nose around the little town , I was meant to meet my cousin (she lives down Weymouth the lucky sod) but like the dopey idiot I am I forgot my phone :( I still had a nice time though wondering around the town with my family , looking in all the little cute shops, going to the fair, strolling down the beach and spending our change in the arcades! 

I am wearing...
Cardigan - Primark
Bag - Topshop
I am wearing...
Dress - Topshop
Shoes - Forever 21

Taking pics of our feet - as you do! 
How cute is he!?


With my Nan and Grandad :) <3


yeh... my family is a bit crazy. :P 
Yet another cuppa tea!

The Party!

The party was the main reason we went to Weymouth - my cousin Steve was having a 60's party for his 50th. We got it a bit wrong, we thought it was a surprise party - turns out we were the surprise! Aha. So there we were sneaking in the house , not knowing Steve could see us through the window! He was still surprised though thankfully! :P We had an amazing night , was great to have all the family together again! 

My cousin Georgina - who should be doing a blog pretty soon! :D

Hippy dancing!

All the family back together! :D 
I hope you like my crazy 60's costume! I love it, its so hippy-fied. Whenever I put it on I cant stop hippy dancing! :P I really am considering to wear it on a daily basis, not just for fancy dress, I'm not too sure though - some people think I dress mad as it is! What do you think ? :P

Day 3 

On day 3 we went to some really pretty places , my cousin was at work soo we all went to visit her. She works practically on the beach! Its such a pretty view, I wish that was my view from work! 

Imagine this being your view! 

After this we went on a drive to the top of this hugeee hill. From up there you could see a lovely view of Weymouth!

Day 4 - Last day :( booo 

I hated this day. We had to leave at like 8am because my niece needed 2 get back to school for her school photos. 8am! I was so gutted :( So I didn't do much this day, I woke up at like 6 soo that me and my cousin could have breakfast together! Aha. It was horrible saying goodbye.... tears were shed :( 

Soo there you have it my amazing weekend! I know its not really about fashion - the stuff I usually write about but I thought I should share it with you! I apologise for how long this post is and the huge amount of photos I have added , but I felt like I needed to give you every detail! :P Here I am rambling on still... 

Hope your all okay! :D 

Sophie x


  1. I cant belive you have told everyone about MY (yes MY) Drink!!! now the world will know and claim it as their own!! this was my only claim to fortune in life! the making of that drink was going to make me rich! and now you have told the world about it!! ... oh and btw, so you always call archers orchards? because if you do thats bloody hilarious! :P

    1. Its not the whole world , I only have 8 followers Tan :P and noo I dont lol , I've changed it now :P I thought it was one of those words that are spelt different to they sound like ? lol , cuz thats what it said on the bottle! :P x


Thanx for the comment dear!