Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Outfit of the day!

Just a quick outfit of the day! 

I am wearing...
Dress - Miss Selfridge (stole off my sister :P)
shoes - forever 21 - £10 in the sale!
Sunflower earrings - Topshop - £3 in the sale!

Not much is happening with me at the moment to be honest... I've been busy with school work mainly. I've already got a few GCSE's. A B in English and Art and a C in Science and Maths. I'm now doing photography, textiles, ICT, and extra science. I can't wait till I've got all my GCSE's out the way and can go off to college! I've been waiting for this day forever... aha :P 

Here's a few pictures I've done in photography, there will be more to come! :D

I'm only a beginner at photoshop soo they're not amazing :P Hope you like them anyways! 

Peace out! 



  1. IM A MODEL!
    and yeah, nice dress! cow!

    think the all stars converse photo is really cool.

    peace out bredda.

  2. Aha, its lovely isn't it :P and thanx :D yehh I think those ones worked out pretty cool, better than the other ones nehu lol

    in a bit homie!

  3. Your so creative. Good luck with your exams, I got my results back for Psychology and Business, first ever A :)
    Top Ten Beauts x

    1. Aww thankyou! :D and thats well good! Wish I could get an A :( I really want one! xxx

  4. Aww where are your sunflower earrings from? They're amazing! I NEED them in my life! Nice photoshop skills, you gots talent :) I especially love the dream peace love one! Good luck with the GCSE's, if there's one piece of advice I can give it's not to stress about them too much! It all gets a lot more enjoyable when A levels start and you can focus on the stuff you really want to study :) xx

    1. They're from Topshop , you should get some! They were like a couple of quid in the sale :) and thankyou :D Yeh I try not to get too stressed out aha , god help me when it comes to my A levels :P xxx


Thanx for the comment dear!