Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sunshine on my window makes me happy like I should be...

Heyyy :D

On Saturday it was a rather sunny day, yup, sunny, in February! The weather is all over the place lately, one minute the sun is out and the next its snowing, make your mind up weather! 

Cardigan - Primark - £10
Dress - Topshop - £20
Tights - Forever 21 - £7
Boots - Dorothy Perkins - £15

So here's my sunny Saturday outfit :) It's not that different to what I've been wearing the past few weeks actually , only this time when I go out I don't have to wear a coat aha. In my past pictures I might look like I'm lovely and warm but I'm really not :P .This dress was one of my first purchases from Topshop and cost around £20, it's still in very good condition since I have worn it about a million times! Ahh how I do love that shop, got to be one of my favourite shops by far, no doubt about it every time I go in there there is something I love :) 

For some strange reason even though the sun was blazing outside I had a big craving for baking (aha that rhymes) :P So whilst everyone one else was outside soaking up the sun I was inside baking , and when I say I baked I mean I baked! 

I baked cupcakes , spotted dick, fruit cake anddd chocolate brownies! How I do love baking... :D 

All this baking doesn't really help the diet... Ahh well :P 

I do need to start being good though! I got my prom date the other day - its in June so I better get looking for prom dresses! I fell in love with this one, but my mom said I couldn't have it because its from America and you cant exchange it if it doesn't fit :( This was the dress I tell you! Check it out here... Isn't it lovely! I can't get it out of my mind, it's so different, I've looked at so many dresses and none of them are me. This one was perfect and I can't get it. BOOOO! Bad times... If anyone knows of any dresses you think I might like please let me know! :D Thanx :) 


Sophie x


  1. Sod the diet, that food looks insanely amazing! Sucks about the prom dress :( it is STUNNING and you should beg, steal or borrow the money to get it anyway! I love your sunny-day outfit too, isn't dressing up so much more fun when it's not pissing down with rain?! xx

  2. thankyou :P and I know I considered it aha , I have found another one one eBay though, its not as nice as that one but its still quite nice, its only £50 too, I'll have to add a pic of it! and yes it is! Sadly the weathers gone down hill again though :( roll on the Summer! xx

  3. I LOVE you style.. And your dress in this post. If you can't get the prom dress from America.. More of a reason to go try on more !! Lovely blog..



  4. Awww thanx :D And aha yes thats true :P I need to go out and try some on! :D xxx


Thanx for the comment dear!