Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Vintage dress ...

The Sun is here! This was the perfect opportunity for me to wear my new vintage dress from Cow which cost me a bargain price of £8! :D  

Bracelet from Weymouth - £2

Bracelet from Portugal - £4
I love this bracelet! I dont wear bracelets very much , I think I
have about 4 , all of them from different countries , I like to buy
 things from other countries as its very rare you will find someone
else wearing it! :P 

necklace from Topshop -  gift

Brogues from Primark - £10 , had these for about 2 years and they are still in pretty good condition!  I think that's bloody good if you ask me , especially for Primark!
So there you have it , my happy summery vintage outfit! I love the sun! I hear we only have about 2 weeks left of it over here sadly :( So make the most of it! :D Oh and if you live in one of those very sunny places , think about me whilst your there in your pretty dresses and there's me, having to cover up my clothes with a big coat! :( Ahh how I detest England weather!  

Till next time! 

Sophie xxx


  1. Ahhh your hair looks lovely here :) when I had long hair I always wanted to have perfect curls but it would never go right :( Awesome dress! It's crazy to think that a similar one would cost like £30 in New Look, but you've got an original at a bargain price! Love it xx

  2. Aww thanx , I love your hair short though I think its bloody amazing! Could never imagine you with long hair :P aha I wanna do something with mine but I have no idea what to do :S and I know right! :D Love vintage Cow xxx

    1. Ahh cheers :) I reckon you could definitely pull off a crop, but would you really want to hack off those lovely locks? I only cut mine off after a disasterous cut at Vidal Sassoon - it's a pain in the ass to grow out!! xx


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