Saturday, 25 February 2012

Happy Days!

As I was strolling around my house yesterday morning , getting ready as slowly as possible for shitty school the phone rang... It was from the school saying the school was close for some reason or other , I didn't even listen to why , I didn't care. Schools closed! I was very happy =) aha =P 

Unfortunately I had all ready started getting ready so I couldn't really get back in my pj's =( bad times... Ahh well , I suppose it helped me get my day started! Rather than me watching a lot of Smallville all day =P 

I took a trip to the bank! To open up a bank account with the HUGE amount of money I have... :/ I wish. The plan is if I have a bank account I will  have a better chance of saving my money up. As I wont have money on me all the time there's less chance I will spend it. Then again it could be bad... I can buy things from shops using my card , knowing me I will end up getting carried away , thinking I have a fair amount of money left when I actually don't. God help me when I get a credit card =P .

Anyways, here's my outfit for the day =D 

Shirt - Charity Shop
Skirt - H&M 

You can't see it very clearly but it's the best I could do! It's so hard taking pictures of your outfits when no one else is there to take them! I wish I had my own photographer =P Nehu, The shirt I'm wearing  cost around £5 from the charity shop. It's the first time I've ever worn it actually and I bought it about half a year ago. I always do that , it needs to stop. =) The skirt was in the sale for £5 from H&M, I bloody love this skirt! I like the pleated look, i've bought two more since then in diff colours =P My boots were also in the sale in Dorothy P's before crimbo. Wow, I never realised pretty much everything I wear has been in the sale or from a charity shop. I sound like a right tight arsed cow! =P Gotta love a bargain tho =D

I threw on this vintage looking clock necklace that was £10 from H&M. This isn't mine though I robbed it from my sister =P I remember when she bought it - she had a rant because she paid £10 for it and found that the clock didn't even work on it. Aha , made me chuckle =P 

I said that in my next blog I would show you some of the things that me and my sister had put on ebay =D Sooo here they are... 

Vintage Black Lace Top   
Vintage style jumper 
    Floral Blouse - Newlook!  
   Vintage style Cardiagan   
          Buy it now -£5!

Electric Blue jeans - Newlook!
If you want to know more about any of these items then check us out on ebay - vintage.kiss.x      

Thanx =D 

Sophie x


  1. Ahhhh good luck with the savings, although debit cards are the devils work - it doesn't feel like you're spending real money!! Your outfit is stunning, all the colours together are springtime perfection :) hope the eBay selling is going well! Xx

  2. Aha , I can imagaine , next thing I know I wont have any money! =P and thankyouuu =D xx

  3. you are gorgeous!


Thanx for the comment dear!