Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Lets go to the Ballet...

Soo yesterday me and my sister went to the ballet, were posh like that you see! Not. Aha =P We did attempt to be posh though! I think we were rather successful on the dressing point. Not to sure if we pulled off the other stuff though... We travelled to the theatre by bus (classy), we went to the local shop for food and drink not willing to pay the ridiculous prices at the theatre! So there we were attempting to put a huge bag of crisps into my tiny bag and shoving Oasis bottles into out coat pockets, was rather funny aha. Nehu once we got our tickets we went and got our seats, as we were sitting down the people next to us were looking at us rather strangely, me and my sister looked at each other and realised we were in somebody else's seats, oops. Finally we found our seats, we were in restricted view seats so we kept an eye out for any empty seats we could move to with a better view! =P Luckily we spotted some and moved to them in the interval. I felt like a rebel! Aha, but the show looked so much better there =) So there you have it , mine and my sisters attempt at being posh! =P

So heres my outfit! 
I got this dress from the clothes show last year, It was such a good deal! It cost me £20. It was at the DahliaFashion store so when I got back I searched the sight. The other dresses cost around £60, so I was well chuffed at the price of mine! =P They have some really nice dresses check them out here =D 

Thought I would wear some heels to go to the ballet , I'm not a heels kind of girl. I would be if I could walk in them , but unfortunately I cant =( These aren't too bad though. The heel is quite thick and low so they are rather comfy.  The shoes were from Newlook and cost £20. 

The show was Swan Lake, one of the most well known ballet shows. It was amazing!!! The dancing was beautiful... I highly recommend you go and see it! =D Were going to watch another one tonight - only this time it's Beauty and the Beast. I'm so excited!  I absaloutely love the Disney movie so I cant imagine what this is going to be like =D I'll leave you to watch a video of one of my favourite scenes from the show. Enojoy! =D 

 Sophie <3  


  1. Argggh crazy-jealous that you got to go and see Swan Lake, glad you enjoyed it! You both looked soopah in yr classy ballet-watching attire, the attempts were a success! xx

  2. aha , you should go and see it it's amazing!!! =D and why thankyou =P xx


Thanx for the comment dear!