Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The tattoo experience


First of all The Vaccines concert was amazing! The gig was mental , at one point I almost fell over and my sister grabbed me by my collar and dragged me back up , but no , she didn't let go of the collar she kept hold for like another 5 minutes. Being held by the collar and being shoved around is not a good feeling , I thought I was going to die. But I'd gladly do it all over again! 

Anyhow... the other night Newlook had a party night. You had to wear something from the party section and look all dressy uppy. Unfortunately I am not good with the whole high heels thing so there I was in my flat casual boots whilst everyone else was in killer heels. At least I was comfy all night :P 

I am wearing...
EVERYTHING NEWLOOK! The joys of getting 50% discount... 

I completely forgot to tell you guys that I got a tattoo! You may have seen little peaks of it in my pics , but I thought I'd show it you close up! =D

So here it is!!! Just a nice little peace sign on my wrist , me and my sister got the same so its kind of a sister thing =) This is my first tattoo by the way, so as you can imagine I was very scared. Especially since I didn't even plan on getting a tattoo. I got through it though , by singing very badly and loud. I think it was in the middle of screaming and singing. The tattooist said it was the first time that had happened aha.  But if any one is getting a tattoo I do recommend singing , it did help with the pain  =P


Sophie x


  1. The tattoo experience was definitely in my top 10 moments! only you could sing the whole way through having a tattoo! idiot ;)

    I know I said I wasn't too sure on this dress, but it does look nice on you :) your hair is awesome too btw

    Much love

    The Ginger Girl.

    1. Aha :P It was hilarious! Wish I could do that week all over again :( and yay! See I told u it was nice :P and thankyou :D xxxx


Thanx for the comment dear!