Wednesday, 28 November 2012

I'm no teenage icon

Hey there!!!

Finally got chance to do a post! feels like forever since I last did one , I've been a busy bee doing college work and going to college , oh and work! Its a hard life. But for now here is my outfit for the day!

I am wearing...
Shirt - charity shop
Skirt - Newlook
Necklaces - Newlook
Earring - Newlook
Boots - Newlook 

When it comes to college work I had to draw a fashion pose in the style of an art movement or an artist. I chose Japanese style paintings , and heres the outcome! 

It took me forever!!! Think it turned out pretty well though beings as I've never really painted before! I did get help from my sister though but shhhh. 

In other news, guess what I'm doing tomorrow?!?!?!  I'm going to see the Vaccines!!!! I'm so excited, words cant explain how much I love concerts. I saw them before when they were a tribute band for The Arctic Monkeys but I didn't listen to them that much then. Whereas now I am a hugeee fan! You may have heard of their new song 'teenage icon', but if you have never listened to the Vaccines you are missing out big timeeee. I shall leave you with a few of my favorite songs. 


Sophie xxxx


  1. I like this post because your outfit is amazing (what thrifting luck with that top!), the theme for your painting was such a unique direction and also The Vaccines rock. :D

  2. aw thankyou! I do love my bargains aha :P The Vaccines were amazing , you should go see them in concert if you get the chance :) xxxx


Thanx for the comment dear!