Monday, 12 November 2012

Its been a while...

Hey guys!!!

Remember me??? I'm going to quit the whole apologising crap and promising to keep up with my blog because clearly that didn't go to plan last time. Its almost been 5 months since I last blogged , how crazy is that?! My life has changed quite a lot in those past 5 months , nothing extremely exciting, but it is way busier than it has ever been. I now have a job working at Newlook, I was first employed for a 3 month temp on a 4 hour contract. One amazing thing about working at Newlook , along with getting to look at pretty clothes all day is the the discount - 50% !!!! How good is that?! But of course I just went overboard , towards the end of the 3 months it said I had almost reached my limit of discount for the year , oops. Thankfully they kept me on and put me on a higher contract! =D I now have 16 hours , this has made my limit go up so I can now spend more money on beloved clothes! Woooop! When I'm not working at Newlook I am studying fashion at college, which I am loving!!!!! My life is pretty ram packed though. When I wrote my blog before I sort of saw it as a chore - something I had to do. But now I'm going to try and see it as a chill out kind of thing! =) Enough of me rambling , here's what I wore the other day to go shopping!

I am wearing...
dress - charity shop - £5
jacket - Newlook - £40 (without discount)
necklace - Newlook - £6
Shoes - Topshop - £15 in the sale
Tights - Newlook - £3

My style has changed slightly , I still love my vintage girly look but I've really got in to the whole rocky style. It all depends on what mood I'm in! =)

I'm going to leave you with one of my fave songs by the Arctic Monkeys , put me in a rocky mood for the day!

Peace out!

Sophie x


  1. about figging time, sort your life out! want to see more posts please, I love this dress, I actually haven't even tried it on yet! think I might need to give it a bash!

    Much Love!

    Your Sis @

    1. I know it has been too long! I'm back with it now though! forever and ever :P and you do indeed! its a lovely dress :) <3


Thanx for the comment dear!