Saturday, 19 May 2012

Vintage COW

Went to COW last weekend -  I bloody love this shop! Words can't explain how much I love it, I have no idea how I survived without it... I bought three lovely dresses -  all at bargain prices! I shall have to show you them in my future posts but for now... here's what I wore to go shopping! :D  

I am wearing
Top - Primark
Skirt - H&M
Tights - Matalan
Shoes - Primark

                    My sisters dog decided to jump in one of the pictures... Meet Chico! The lovely, wrinkly, Shar-pei :) 

Hope your all okay! :D

Till next time!

Sophie <3


  1. Your outfit is absolutely darling! Can't wait to see the three dresses you got!


  2. MY TOP! :P the one which was in my fancy dress box for years til i discovered it! bloody good top that is!

    1. Aha , I know yeah :P makes me laugh how a few years ago you bought that top because you thought it was a horrible geek top , and now your like I love that top! :P xx

  3. These photos are amazing! I want that skirt! But we don't have H&M here...bah! x

    1. Thanx :D and ahh bad times, but to be honest I would rather live where you do and not have a H&M :P xx


Thanx for the comment dear!