Saturday, 26 May 2012

Doll Like

 This is the other vintage dress I got from Cow, I absolutely love this dress and whenever I wear it I feel slightly doll like? Is that strange ? Aha 

I don't know why but on this day I really felt like getting into character... So I thought I would include my old teddy bear! I wanted to do more than this , I had ideas of setting up a little picnic and having pics with teapots etc... unfortunately I don't have the props to do this :( I always see things in shops and think that would be cool for a pic on my blog! But sadly I do not have the space in my tiny room to keep all these props... When I have my own house I will have a room full of props I tell you! :P 

Nehu , heres some pics of my outfit, hope you like them! :D 

I am wearing
Dress- Vintage Cow
Shoes - Newlook
Socks - Matalan    

Hope you are all okay , talk to you soon! :D 


Sophie <3 


  1. such a lovely simple dress, I'm really loving things like that at the moment

    1. thanx :D and I know me too , perfect for this lovely weather! <3

  2. I love this dress, it's so pretty. And these photos are lovely too xx

  3. I love these shots, the ones with just the bear even look a little creepy! Gorgeous dress anyway. I'm sure you could find some tea cups and things in charity shops and have a little tea party in the woods :) xx

    1. aha thanks :D I know they do look quite scary don't they? aha, and yehh that sounds good! :D <3


Thanx for the comment dear!