Saturday, 28 April 2012

Pink Rose

Hey guys!!!!  Hope your all okay :D Just thought I'd show you my outfit for today :) Unfortunately the photos had to be taken indoors due to crappy England Weather. So this is the best I could do! But I did promise you that I would do a post soon , even if it did mean taking photos indoors :P

  I am wearing...
   Dress - TK Maxx
   Necklace - Topshop
   Boots - H&M
Hat - clothes show

Nothing much is going on with me really , I'm just trying to get all my school work done! I've got 4 exams left to do and a few pieces of coursework. I'm getting there! Can't believe I'm actually leaving school , it's quite scary, but exciting at the same time :D I'm hoping to study fashion at College. I really need to apply somewhere though! I don't know what's wrong with me... I shall get it done by next week I tell you! 

Till next time...

Sophie x


  1. awesome outfit! i really like the tights, hat, and dress :)

  2. good luck for your exams love! hope you pass them with flying colours! <3 you look adorable in this outfit too, love the hat :)

  3. Ahh your indoor photos are still lovely! I always get too lazy/embarrassed to go outside, but as a result my indoor ones are a bit lame :( Love the bowler har, and good luck applying! I bet they'll take one look at yr blog and let you in for sure xx

    1. Ahh cheers Betti! :D And your photo's never look anywhere near lame :P I'm really disappointed in myself , still haven't applied! And I haven't done any posts in ages!!! My life just revolves around school work :( xxx


Thanx for the comment dear!