Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bit of Bowling!

First of all I thought I should apologise for being such a terrible blogger! I haven't done a post since over a week ago! This isn't right, I blame it on school work and the weather. Its been raining like everyday here in Walsall! Not giving me the opportunity to take any photos of my outfits - I refuse to take images of them indoors, there simply isn't anywhere in my house that is pretty enough.

Soooo... I thought I would show you my night out bowling for my friends birthday! :D 

I am wearing...

Playsuit - Primark
Tights - Primark
Shoes - Bowling shoes!


We had a really fun night! I didn't win though , as per usual :P I did do a strike though which I was well chuffed about! Aha. The play suit is one of my most recent purchases , I bought a few items from Primark about 2 weeks ago which I STILL haven't shown you! I promise I will show you all my new items soon! I've had another spree since that one too! :P Hopefully the weather gets better so I can get some nice pics of them outside! If not, looks like I'll have to settle for the crappy indoors :(  By the way don't you think bowling shoes are just amazing!? That's one of the things I love about bowling , the shoes! Aha , I would so wear them everyday :P 

Hope you're all okay!


Sophie <3 


  1. Love your floral playsuit!!
    I'm glad you had a fun night
    with bowling c:


  2. You all are so stylish! And I do love bowling shoes too:)

    1. Thanx :D and I know they're so cool aren't they!? Aha xx


Thanx for the comment dear!