Sunday, 3 June 2012


Earlier on this week the weather was absolutely gorgeous, unfortunately its all gone down hill now and I am currently looking out of my window watching the rain fall constantly - not good. Nehu the other day to enjoy the good weather we WERE having I went to Stourport. There were so many places to take photo's it was unreal , if only I lived next door to it! I went with my friend and my parents - I think they thought I was a bit crazy though with how excited I was getting about all these photo destinations, its a shame my sister couldn't come with , she'd have understood and been as crazy about it as me :P

Here's some pics from the day , hope you like them :D 

There were many more places to have pics but I think everyone was sick of me asking soo I thought I'd lay off a bit... :P 

Oh and by the way this is one of the vintage dresses I got from Cow the other week, this one cost me £11 :D 

Anyways I hope you're all okay, enjoy your weekend! :D 


Sophie <3 


  1. Hi Sophie, these photos are amazing! I love your outfit too. :) x

  2. ahhh i love your new dress - need to go and take a trip to cow soon!

    i love stourport, its only about 20 mins away from me - lovely to take a picnic there :)

    lucy xx

    1. You should! I'm addicted to cow can't keep myself away from there :P aha , and ahh you lucky person! Its about a 40 min drive away from me , its lovely isnt it :) xxxxx

  3. I love the sunglasses and dress, so pretty :) xx


Thanx for the comment dear!