Friday, 28 June 2013

I am the Walrus

Hiyarrr!!!  So here's the new hair , I don't think you can see much of a difference tbh , but i suppose its a bit of a change eh? I thought I'd take this time to show off my amazing skirt i purchased in the one and only vintage shop I could find in Weymouth. If there's on thing I don't like about Weymouth its the lack of vintage shops. grrrrr.

Believe it or not I wrote this blog post weeks ago , and have been on the hunt for these images of the vintage shop - finally came across them today! 

I have some good news too! I'm going in to college today to get my grades , eeeek. So there will be no more abandoning my blog for college work! Victory!!!!! 

Till next time....

Sophie <3 


  1. Whawhaaa! Loving the red tint in your locks. How did your results go? I'll bet you aced them :) Also I need to stop looking at these pictures now because it's giving me a strong urge to go shopping and I have to save that for yr visit! xxx

  2. You're so lovely!


Thanx for the comment dear!